Sunday, November 19, 2017

How I Spent My 26th Birthday!

I celebrated my awesome self all through October, yes, but the nineteenth of the month was especially MY day! It was my birthday - The Day of Saraallie - The Saraallie Day of 2017! It was a pleasant day, a restful one for a change. I enjoyed myself! The highlights were my new Harry Potter shirt which I wore during the day and then the sweet Honeydukes themed birthday celebration Abbie arranged for me at night. Let me go into a flashback mode here and present my birthday's highlights in pictures ... so here's how I spent my special day!

I'd been enjoying the entire week as a celebration of my birthday before the 19th. I'm a simple person who finds excitement in the littlest of the things so a pizza for lunch that week and a movie afternoon with my Abbie had made me extremely happy and set the mood for the 19th. On the morning of my birthday I woke up super duper happy and feeling light as a feather. I'd spent last night receiving birthday hugs and wishes at midnight and when I woke up I got dressed in my birthday girl mode! I wore my new Harry Potter shirt which had the famous 'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good' quote written on it and spent early morning snapchatting and taking my annual birthday selfies! Then I chilled in Abbie's study with my morning chai where Gubby came to give me a kissy and a birthday hug before she left for her Nani's house. That baby doll is the love of my life!

Birthday mornings are always so much fun for bloggers. All the websites you've subscribed to, all your blogging buddies, all your social media accounts have a huge flow of birthday wishes. I know I know it's not a big deal right? But it is, especially when the blogosphere and the internet mean so much to you. I woke up to birthday wishes all over Twitter and Instagram. It was so cool! Next I installed our new printer which was actually fun because we've been printer-deprived for so long we were actually looking forward to it. For lunch I requested noodles! Quick, simple, easy, no fuss, and excessively delicious! I LOVE NOODLES! Abbie made some noodles and fried samosas and spring rolls and paapars along with them. Lunch was a simple affair but not even the greatest dishes of the world could have made me more happier than day! After lunch I had a relaxing rest of the day and got some very much needed me time too. Then I got dressed up and ready for the sweet little celebration and my cake! Check out my Harry Potter outfit!

Isn't that super duper pretty? Yep, that's right. That is my birthday decor and birthday cake - Honeydukes themed - by the one and only Abbie. Every year Abbie makes a cake for me (she doesn't do cakes year round so this is a special special time!) and every single year she surpasses all possible expectations and makes something extremely beautiful. This year she decided to throw me a Honeydukes themed party and the cake was beautiful! The decor included lots of candy props (and candy too) from the sweets' shop, a cauldron cake, my birthday cards, some fancy lights, and Honeydukes themed pinkish stuff. I loved it! My outfit looked perfect with the decor! But the star of the show was the cake Abbie had made for me! Check out a close up picture ... and be prepared to let your jaw hang open all the way down to the floor!

It is so so so so so beautiful! Abbie even printed out my picture on a Wizard's Card which I get to keep forever. The cake had a Bertie Botts studded border, the Honeydukes logo, and even a chocolate frog! LOVED IT!!!! I think this was the best cake I've ever had for my birthdays ... EVERRRRR!

When Gubby was back home we cut the cake together! I love singing Happy Birthday, blowing the candle, and cutting birthday cakes. You know, I think birthdays are my most favorite celebration through the entire year. There's something just so happy and special about birthdays! I felt so happy cutting that beautiful cake! Then finally it was time to LOVE the insides and eat that delicious cake!

Honeydukes stripes inside the cake! Told you this was the coolest cake ever!

Finally I stuffed this absolutely out-of-the-world delicious chocolate cake inside my face and OH MY GOD was I in heaven! So delicious, so full of love, and so so so so delightful! With Nihari, Naan, and lots of chocolate cake my birthday came to an end. It had been such a pleasant day. I'd gotten everything I had hoped for; I'd relaxed after such a long time, spent some quality me time, ate lots of chocolate cake and noodles and what not, and taken so many beautiful pictures too! My TWENTY SIXTH BIRTHDAY was as sweet as the Honeydukes shop itself!

Here's to another year of awesomeness! Here's to another year of my fabulosity!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Wacky Finds Series ~ Volume 31

It's time for Volume 31 of The Wacky Finds Series!
These are a monthly series I started out of sheer awe of how crazy things around me are! Here's what this is about ... Ahem Ahem: When my awesome self steps out of my bed each morning I meet a world of crazies. People, things, phenomena, and acts of nature which are simply too unusual to miss and not record! The Wacky Finds Series will cover all the weird stuff that I find along my way; good weird, awkward weird, bad weird, I-totally-don't-get-this weird .. all kinds of weird shall be recorded and snapped without any discrimination!

I know you're thinking the cookie from Starbucks is wacky but no, that's not why I posted this as the first wacky find of this month. The story behind this cookie is actually what's so wacky. So when Halloween was near Abbie and I went to Starbucks and as usual asked for the seasonal cookie. They had this zombie/frankenstein whatever this was. So we took it and brought it home. When we ate it it didn't taste like the normal sugar cookie we regularly buy. It was harder, the icing wasn't coming off the cookie like it does always, and it definitely tasted different too. Our baby niece Gubby is the one who we buy these cookies for and she likes to taste the icing separately. She was disappointed and didn't like this one at all. Then Abbie and I looked it up online to see why it tasted different than the sugar cookie. We were surprised because this cookie hadn't been advertise ANYWHERE! Not on Starbucks' website, not on their Instagram, not on their Facebook, no where at all! We did get a bad feeling that this was some old stock the local Starbucks person had given us and the next day we waited to get a bad stomach too *laughs* but thankfully nothing happened. We survived and to this day we still haven't found this cookie anywhere online!

The entire unicorn craze is so colorful which is the main reason why I like seeing unicorn-y stuff everywhere. Abbie and I went to Lolli & Pops to get a Chocolate Frog for my birthday cake when I came across this gigantic unicorn bark. It was so pretty! But then I looked at my tummy, thought of my weight loss goal, and kept it back! *laughs*

October had a Friday the thirteenth! No, I don't believe in all the myths but hey it was still fun wearing this special outfit that day! Don't those minions look super cool? Love them so much!

CREEPY! You know where I found these? In the cupcake decorating aisle!
WHY? I ask, why, why why? Why would someone put something so creepy on their cupcakes?

I saved the best for last! Abbie baked my birthday cake again this year like I've talked about SO much all over my blog! When she was making the frosting our little Gubby decided to bring in her excessive load of cuteness! She brought her little toy mixer and started imitating everything Abbie did! It was so cute! She was scared of touching my mixer but she wanted to 'bake' too and this was her grand plan. SHE IS SUCH A DARLING!!!!

That's all folks! Until the next five Wacky Finds, have a wacky day!

Monday, November 13, 2017

My Chic and Lovely iPhone Case

I'll tell you something awesome. I got a new phone for my birthday! Yayyyy! My last iPhone was suffering from poor health. It would keep getting heart attacks and once even went into coma from which it miraculously came back. I was constantly at a risk of losing everything stored in it but because it would still function after recovering from its many diseases I was still holding on to it. Finally, I gave up my hope and decided to upgrade before it crashed on my face at some critical moment (I feared it would die during a vacation or on my birthday!). So for my birthday I got a fabulous iPhone 8!

I love it! I love the sleek feel of the phone and the smoothness with which it works. That's not all though. Like I always say, how my phone looks is very important to me because it's literally almost always in my hand. It's like a part of my outfit and when I put in so much thought in putting my outfits together why should my case be any less pretty, right? So this time I've bought a very chic and lovely case with gorgeous designs and eye catching flowers all over it. It is so beautiful! 

The colors of this case are so vibrant and just the pop I need amidst the mundane everyday routine of my life. It's bright and happy and extremely stylish.

There's a little story behind this cover - a crazy one. So when I decided I would get a new iPhone once my previous one died forever the latest iPhone on the market at that time was the 7 series. I thought I'd be a step ahead and have my case shipped and ready for my phone to be. So I chose a case out of millions and when it arrived I was so proud of myself for being so clever. Over efficiency, I tell you!!! Shortly before my birthday they released the iPhone 8 and announced the X for pre-order too. I was tempted to get the latest phone but I wanted my cover so bad. My brother said I was absolutely crazy for rejecting the new model just to keep my case but I didn't care because for me the case was much more important to me than the phone (hey, I love pretty stuff okay?). I knew I was being a wee bit crazy maybe but I had a heart break when I thought I won't be able to use this pretty cover. Then I Googled up both the models and guess what I found? They were the same size!!! Okay maybe a hair-like difference but they'd both fit the same case! *happy dance* I ended up with a new phone and my beautiful case! Yayyyyyyyy! Happily ever after!

Friday, November 10, 2017

What's Been Up Lately

I've been so preoccupied lately that life has been one insane flash since a while. I rush against time to try and make the most of my day and try to achieve more than it is humanly possible to in twenty four hours. Some of it has been good and the rest bad. So I've been up to the good, bad, and ugly all at once and my blog has suffered from not posting the regular entry every third day. I know it doesn't matter and I'm not fretting over it either but I like to live through my creativity and blogging so it helps keep my mind at ease when I'm doing what I love. I've been struck with a terrible writer's block since a while and it felt like a sickness to me! I'm trying to force myself out of that nasty rut now and my first step in doing so was writing about my block a few days ago. With that vented out and rambled on my fabulous blog I think I need an update post now to catch up and (hopefully) get on with lots of awesome blogging. So what all have I been up to?

The OctoNovember Birthday Season!
We all have our birthdays in the October and November Fall season and like I've written about it before it feels like one long extended celebration. So far we've had Po's birthday, mama's birthday, SIL's birthday, and my birthday in October. Coming up next is Abbie's birthday and Gubby's birthday for which I've already started my planning and arrangements. Since I'm the family's baker and cake decorator this time of the year is both extremely hectic and extremely fun for me. Decorating all those cakes so close together leaves me super tired and panicked too but at the same time it's what I love so it makes me swell up with joy (and calories from the cakes!). I already posted a bear-thday wish for Po and some pretty pictures of mama's birthday celebrations and soon I'll be posting about how I spent my awesome birthday too!

Oh and find mama's beautiful birthday celebration by clicking on the picture below!

Land Lady Life!
I have been very busy with work lately. We spend lots of time out and about doing real estate stuff and at the end of the day I have a teeny tiny portion of the day left which gets taken over by chores. End result: I have no time for blogging or crafting left. I try to make the most of it though by taking in the beautiful Autumn scenery when we're out on the roads and indulging in photography wherever and whenever I can!

Photography Challenges!
So as everybody knows during the month of October I was enjoying the OCTOPHOMO (October Photography Month). While randomly surfing one day I came across a blog called Simply, Apostolia where the beautiful Apostolia is hosting an Instagram Photography Challenge through the month of November. It's thirty pictures for each day of the month based on fun prompts she's come up with. I'm having a TONNE of fun doing the challenge and have found some brilliant bloggers as participants too! It is just so much fun! All the details can be found on her blog here!!! Oh and find below the first photo from my Instagram!

XoXo ~ Manhattan Escape!
It's no secret that I love Gossip Girl. Well, anybody who loves that show automatically falls in love with NYC and so have I. Whenever mama plans a trip to New York (for her Indian Sari shopping *rolls eyes at that nasty area*) I instantly get into my Gossip Girl spirit. You know what that is right? Gossip Girl narration in my mind's background and the same Blair and Serena level of sass in my steps! There is something in the air in NYC. There is something about being in the same places as Blair and Serena and Nate and Chuck and aaaaaaaaah! Love it! I had a pleasant time, especially posing at the famous Gapstow Bridge in Central Park. I'll be posting details and beautiful pictures from my trip to NYC soon!

Saraallie and the Gapstow Bridge!

New Year's Blog Preparations!
Judging from how absolutely hectic and rushed up my life is becoming by the day (and I was just told to not get cozy with my laptop and get going with chores *insert sarcastic face*) I think I should really get started on my New Year's blog posts. Every year I do a blog review and a roundup of some stuff that happened all year and it does take a little bit of time to get all those pretty graphics together. So I'm going to be focusing on those alongside so that when December begins to end I am not rushing my brains out of my ears (eew!).

So that's that! I have a gazillion plans about blogging all in my head and brainstormed on a doc too but I'm deciding to go slow and easy. The world won't slow down around me or give me time to do my thing. Rather than killing myself trying to do everything in that tiny little bit of the night I get to myself after everybody's work is done, I'll go slow and easy on myself! I can already think of some really meaningful resolutions forming for the new year to come ... good luck to me!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I've Been Going Crazy!

I think this is going to be the first time in my blog's life when I'm beginning a blog post with literally nothing in my mind. But there is a lot on my mind. But none of it makes sense. But it makes sense to me. But no it doesn't ... Yes, I have a really bad case of writer's block. I just paused for a second and Googled up writer's block in a separate tab of my browser just to be sure I was saying what I meant. It seems like writer's block is the inability of a writer to produce original works or basically a creative slump, as I like to call it. The trouble with me is that I haven't ran out of ideas, no; I have a million ideas and some really awesome blog posts I have been meaning to write. Yet when I finally get a chance to sit down with my laptop and begin typing I am left staring at a blank screen for hours. It is not cool at all. I know what to write. I know how to write. I just can't!

I tried and tried and tried, sometimes even being able to produce a little bit of something, but I've had hard luck. My first reaction was, "Okay, maybe I need a little bit of a break and everything will be fine." So I gave myself a break and decided it was okay even if I wasn't posting something every third day (like I like to schedule my blog posts). A little while later I came back to my blog and tried composing a new post. I was certain I would succeed because I had my ideas sorted inside my head this time. What happened? Blank screen. Okay, maybe just a post title but then blank. Staring at that blinking cursor doesn't feel nice. In fact, it feels sad. I love writing and I survive through my love for blogging so when it doesn't work out for me it feels pathetic.

Finally, I decided to step away once again and this time try to reach the roots of my problem. As I've stated countless times before I am a huge advocate of alone time and having conversations with myself. This time too I tried it out. In the backseat of my sister's car I found myself lost in my thoughts, completely blind to the scene outside my window and deaf to the conversations Abbie and mama were indulged in. I wondered why I was facing what I was facing and I think I have an answer. I've been going crazy. Life has been driving me crazy! All I do every single day of my life these days is wake up and rush against time to try and fit in countless chores, exercises, work, plans, and schedules all in one day. Oh and I do this for others around me. I think I've hardly had time left for myself these days by the time everything else on my schedule gets scratched off on my planner. It's insane and what makes it crazier is that none of what I do is appreciated. I work round the clock trying to finish everything for everybody and what I get in return is complaining, ignoring, or pointing out flaws.

It's just not okay and I think it's been getting to me lately. Thus, I've been brain dead since a little while now. I guess when you have a million things on your head it stops functioning properly and you end up with a block like mine! This blog post is literally a ramble straight from my head. I type as it comes in the hope that once I do this my mind might start functioning properly again. Like a clog in a drain maybe if I plunge out a bit from the end the rest starts flowing. So here I am, fingers crossed and hoping to be back to my usual rapturous blogger self again!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Saraallie's Tweet Logs ~ October 2017

The time has arrived again! Another month comes to an end which calls for posting my Tweet Logs! Ahem ahem: "The Tweet Logs are a concept I have totally cheated (I mean, it is supposed to be inspiration!) from Abbie's blog; perks of being a sister! My Tweet Logs will contain all my Twitter updates for each month. The updates will include tweets by me and those by Abbie which had me tagged or were related to me in some way. Why you ask? Well, my tweets are too awesome to go waste in cyber space thus they shall be recorded on my fabulous blog!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Let the Harry Potter Funko Collection Begin

Drum rolls! Applause! Grand entrance music!
Attention everybody!!! It has begun! Oh and it shall be grand!
I have officially started my Harry Potter Funko Pops' collection with two very special pops and I have a feeling this will become an addiction. This blog post is to introduce to the world my very first Funko Pops and from now on each time I'll add to my collection I'll share the funko-ness right here!
My collection began when Abbie and I bought a Hogwarts Express Engine Pop with Harry Potter for ourselves - one for each one of us. Later, Abbie surprised me with a Mad Eye Moody Pop on my birthday which she placed on my bathroom's counter. Imagine my heart's condition when I found Moody sitting inside there looking at me (okay that sounds twisted and awfully wrong!)! I was screaming with joy!

Hogwarts Express Engine with Harry Potter
The first Funko Pop of my life, the one and only, the start of my addictive collection is a two in one Pop which has both the Express's Engine and Harry. Abbie and I found beautiful, heart warming, causing-stomach-drop-sensations kind of a deal at Hot Topic and combined with our Hot Cash this was too good to let go. We immediately picked up two boxes, one for each one of us, and came home that evening our hearts exploding with joy.

A shot of Harry peaking from inside the box (left) and the Pop unboxed (right)!
Oh and here's the unboxing video I made!

Stunning, isn't it?

The Hogwarts Express's engine is actually brilliantly detailed! It is the real thing in Funko form, promise! There's the logo, the colors, the tiny little details. It's so bloody brilliant!

Even the sides are so detailed! There's the sign thingy that says 'Hogwarts Castle' and the number sign too! It looks even more awesome-er in person!

The Harry Potter Funko Pop which comes with the Engine is so adorable! This isn't the way we had expected our first Potter Pop to be. Abbie and I had imagined that the Potter Pop we'd end up buying would be the one wearing Quidditch robes and carrying his broomstick on the side. However this one is super awesome too! I absolutely love the signature shirt and the broken glasses look for Harry!

See the tape on his glasses? Such tiny details so well captured on such a cute little Funko! This is what I love the most about these Pops that they are just so intricately detailed. Look at Harry's scar! Nailed every inch of Harry, these Funko makers. Scar, check. Broken glasses, check. Baggy shirt, check. Messy hair, check. Brilliance, check check check!

Mad-Eye Moody
The second Funko Pop in my collection is Mad-Eye Moody! This one very sweetly was a surprise birthday gift from Abbie. So a day or two before my birthday I randomly checked online and saw Moody's Pop available. So I went to Abbie and we had our hour long discussion about which Pops we were going to collect and why. Then I told her, "Let's sit tonight and order some for ourselves!" After a couple of hours when I went to my bathroom Mad Eye Moody was sitting on the counter. I swear, and I do not exaggerate here at all, I actually rubbed my eyes and checked again just to be sure I wasn't seeing it. IT WAS THERE! I screamed and ran all the way down the stairs to go and squeeze the wind out of Abbie in a bone crushing hug. She laughed and told me she couldn't wait until my birthday because I was planning on ordering Moody that night and her surprise would have gotten busted. Such precious memories behind this Funko Pop which I'll always remember!

Mr. Alastor Mad Eye Moody out of the box! And here's the unboxing video I made!

Again, I love love love the details captured on this Funko! This is even more detailed than Harry I think! They got everything right from his scars to his crazy eye ... EVERYTHING!

The Mad Eye is my favorite bit of this Pop. It literally matches the exact description Rowling wrote for Moody in the books. Check out the cracks and stitch marks and everything on his face and the hairy details of his eye brows. Look at the eye itself popping out! It almost looks like it'd start moving any second and go absolutely mental! Even a chunk on his nose is missing! BRILLIANT DETAILING!

The detail on his clothes is spectacular too! He looks like he'd shout in his growling voice any moment, doesn't he? I must be crazy, I know, but adding him to my Potterhead's Corner gave me such a sense of security *laughs*! It was like phew, he's going to be here now! Crazy, yes. But hey you've got to pay attention to what Professor Moody says. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!

This is the official start of my Harry Potter Funko Pops Collection! Whenever I'll add to it I'll be back with more awesome pictures and beautiful details! I have my eyes on many more Pops next. Dumbledore, Hagrid, Luna, Sirius .... MUST COLLECT THEM ALL!
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